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grin and bare it

A blog by Matthew Dicks

Trump brags over not being mentally ill.

By mattyd | July 24, 2020

Perhaps you’ve heard that Trump has been bragging about acing the Montreal Cognitive Assessment during his recent yearly physical at Walter Reed Medical Center. He’s spoken about it during at least two television interviews and…

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I have a lot of friends.

By mattyd | July 23, 2020

Yesterday morning, I told Charlie that I was going to play a quick round of golf with Steve. “Who’s Steve?” he asked. “A friend,” I said. Charlie nodded, turned, and walked away. A minute later,…

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The Parent Trap sucks

By mattyd | July 22, 2020

I know that many of you think The Parent Trap is a lovely film, but sometimes in life, an outside observer – detached, unemotional, and objective – is required to state the obvious: The Parent…

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Speak Up Storytelling: Our 100th episode!

By mattyd | July 21, 2020

On episode #100 of the Speak Up Storytelling podcast, Elysha Dicks and I talk storytelling alongside their kids, Clara and Charlie! In our follow up segment, we thank our listeners for their many kind messages…

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Karen went “Full Karen”

By mattyd | July 20, 2020

File this under “Making a bad situation worse.” Remember Lenen? He was the San Diego Starbucks employee who refused to serve a customer who was not wearing a mask and whose photo was posted on…

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Not famous but still proud

By mattyd | July 19, 2020

I was standing on the edge of the lake when I heard Clara’s voice. She was treading water a couple dozen yards from shore, chatting with a girl who she’d just met, when the breeze…

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Self care

By mattyd | July 18, 2020

I found this to-do list on the table yesterday. It appear that my wife has rightfully embraced self care.

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Savage no more

By mattyd | July 17, 2020

I was speaking to students today in a virtual storytelling summer camp when I joked that someone who allows dog poop to remain on the floor for longer than necessary is a savage. It’s a…

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Like father, like son

By mattyd | July 16, 2020

Charlie and I play a game in the shallow water of the lake where we take turns trying to keep a stone away from each other. We hold out our hand and dare the other…

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A sand wedge, a swarm of bees, and lots of sandwiches: Wedding day memories

By mattyd | July 15, 2020

Elysha and I are celebrating 14 years of marriage today. We had as perfect a wedding as a couple can have. A day of perfection. A lot of things go into the perfect wedding day.…

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