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grin and bare it

A blog by Matthew Dicks

Beverage talk is boring

By mattyd | June 14, 2022

We have a new rule in my classroom, proposed by a student, that my students and I fully support: No more beverage talk. Beverage talk is boring. If you’re telling us about your English breakfast…

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The non-response is often the best response

By mattyd | June 13, 2022

As a person who receives a lot of feedback from folks online – and not always kind, generous, or even coherent – I often have to decide how to respond. Listen closely, because this took…

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Campfire science

By mattyd | June 12, 2022

As a Boy Scout, I spent hundreds of nights camping outdoors, in tents, lean-tos, and under the stars. As a result, I have also spent hundreds – if not thousands – of days and nights…

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Sunny Day might be here

By mattyd | June 11, 2022

Back on March 23, 2020, I posted the music video for Bruce Springsteen’s “Waitin’ on a Sunny Day” in my class’s Google Classroom. During our first online meeting, I told my students that this pandemic…

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Matthew Dicks’s 7 Maxims on Rule Followers and Rule Breakers

By mattyd | June 9, 2022

My new book, Someday Is Today: 22 Simple, Actionable Ways to Propel Your Creative Life, contains a chapter entitled, “Be a Criminal.” The lessons of the chapter is this: Sometimes we need to bend or…

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A remarkable accomplishment, but a remarkably lucky one, too.

By mattyd | June 8, 2022

A Rhode Island man recently achieved a goal he spent nearly two decades working toward  — earning his Ph.D. and becoming a physicist. At Brown University, no less. A prestigious Ivy League university. That accomplishment…

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“Someday Is Today” is born today!

By mattyd | June 7, 2022

“Someday Is Today: 22 Simple, Actionable Ways to Propel Your Creative Life” publishes today! My book’s birthday! It’s a book written to help anyone who wants to accomplish almost anything in this world. In you…

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The plague of the unrequested pickle

By mattyd | June 6, 2022

I despise pickles. They are a despicable, hideous creation. They are also one of the only foods that are capable of contaminating their environment and ruining a perfectly good meal. Open a jar of pickles…

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The truth, but not nearly the whole truth

By mattyd | June 5, 2022

I was interviewed by a reporter from Newington Life about my upcoming book “Someday Is Today.” Available wherever you get books on Tuesday, June 7. After the interview, Charlie popped into the room to say…

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Three lessons from LBJ’s holiday offering

By mattyd | June 4, 2022

In December of 1967, Lyndon Johnson made an unscheduled, unannounced visit to the Vatican. The visit was so unannounced that even the Pope Paul VI – recovering from a recent, undisclosed surgery – didn’t know…

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