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grin and bare it

A blog by Matthew Dicks

Resolution Update: November 2023

By mattyd | December 1, 2023

Every month, I report the progress of my yearly goals to monitor progress (or the lack thereof) and hold myself accountable.   The following are the results from November 2023. I’ve also begun planning my…

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By mattyd | November 30, 2023

I have a flip chart of feelings on my desk at school. Each day, sometimes during the day, I flip it to a feeling that represents my current mood. It’s designed to do two things:…

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By mattyd | November 29, 2023

Another reason to have children. You get to do stuff like this…. if you name them right.

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Dating yesterday and today

By mattyd | November 28, 2023

I was talking to a younger friend about his new girlfriend, including how they met. He laughed and said, “On the apps,” as if I had asked the most ridiculous question possible. So I asked…

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He’s hooked

By mattyd | November 27, 2023

Elysha and I were out to dinner with friends. Clara and Charlie were home alone. In the middle of dinner, I received a text message from Charlie and a photo. The message alerted me to…

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Not everything, but admittedly a lot.

By mattyd | November 26, 2023

During a lesson on the three branches of government, a student asked if a person could sue the President. “Actually,” I said somewhat sheepishly. “I was the member of a lawsuit against the President back…

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Thankful for the good and the bad

By mattyd | November 25, 2023

Last Sunday, I posted an amusing anecdote on my blog and social media. At least, I thought it was an amusing anecdote. Instead, a whole bunch of readers disagreed with my thoughts and actions, as…

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The Binder/Dicks Plan of Thansigving Day Fights

By mattyd | November 24, 2023

A day late, but file this away for next year: My friend, Kathy Binder, has an outstanding means of avoiding political arguments or similar kerfuffles at Thanksgiving: Invite friends. Non-family members. It’s certainly not a…

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A Thanksgiving Day offering

By mattyd | November 23, 2023

In honor of Thanksgiving, I offer a gift for all of you who look forward to football just as much as you do the turkey, and probably more. If you are a serious football fan,…

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Thanksgiving Day mishaps from the past

By mattyd | November 23, 2023

Thanksgiving 1981 My family is spending Thanksgiving at my grandparents’ home. I’m 11 years old. After dinner, I try to sit at the adult table and engage in conversation. I’m quickly shooed away. Instead, I…

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