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Someday is Today

“Someday Is Today is a real, honest, and thought-provoking solution for hacking your productivity.” — Nelson Dellis, USA Memory Champion and author of Remember It! and Memory Superpowers!

Someday is Today

Are you good at dreaming about what you’re going to accomplish “someday” but not good at finding the time and getting started? How will you actually make that decision and do it? The answer is this book, which offers proven, practical, and simple ways to turn random minutes throughout your days into pockets of productivity and dreams into accomplishments.

In addition to presenting his own winning strategies for getting from dreaming to doing, Matthew Dicks offers insights from a wide range of creative people — writers, editors, performers, artists, and even magicians — on how to augment inspiration with motivation.

His actionable steps will help you:

      • Silence negative messages from family, friends, and teachers
      • Eliminate time-sucking activities (and people)
      • Be willing to make terrible things
      • Find supporters here, there, and everywhere
      • Cultivate optimism in the face of negativity and obstacles

Each strategy is accompanied by amusing and inspiring personal and professional anecdotes and a clear action plan. Someday Is Today will give you every tool to get started and finish that _________ [fill in the blank].


“Someday Is Today is a real, honest, and thought-provoking solution for hacking your productivity. This book was absolutely inspiring for me, as someone who needs to make the most of his time. If you’re looking for ways to streamline your life, this is a must-read!”
— Nelson Dellis, USA Memory Champion and author of Remember It! and Memory Superpowers!

“This is one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read. Matthew Dicks is an incredible writer and storyteller, and this book has made me feel like I can do anything I set my heart to. His strategies are simple, profound, and eminently doable — and they deliver the results they promise.”
— Dr. Ali Abdaal, productivity YouTuber

“Folks often ask me, ‘How have you been so productive and written fifty books?’ I’ve been a bit too busy to answer. Fortunately, Matthew Dicks has supplied the complete answer in his wonderful new book. Want to be really productive and, more importantly, live your life purposes every day? Then Someday Is Today is the book for you.”
— Eric Maisel, author of Coaching the Artist Within and more than fifty other books

“A practical and stimulating map to carpe diem. With wit, warmth, hard-earned wisdom, and a narrative that jumps off the page with signature style, Matthew Dicks leads us step-by-step with a fail-proof plan to rescue and reclaim our time and attention, harness our energy efficiently, and get us moving in the direction of our dreams. He then kindly kicks us off the couch to make the most of our lives, not someday, but today and every day. Seize this book!”
— Meredith Heller, author of Write a Poem, Save Your Life

“You’re going to learn how to make productivity nuggets out of your black holes, and you’re going to learn how to have the mindset of a person who gets things done without having your goals hijack all your free time. . . . This book will inspire you and give you the tools to turn your inspiration into accomplishment.”
— from the foreword by Elysha Dicks, cofounder of Speak Up

“Someday Is Today is the most frustrating, inspiring, uncomfortable book. It is, without a doubt, one of the best books I have ever read.”
— Kate Norris, public speaking consultant, mother, and person who desperately wants to do more with her time

“It is amazing how much time we can make for the things that really matter. . . . [Matt] has absolutely made me more conscious of what I do want and what I need to do to be there. That is a gift we can all benefit from.”
— from the afterword by Matthew Shepard, communications consultant

“Brisk, upbeat, and slightly subversive, this book bats away every single excuse and leaves you inspired to get busy creating a life that matters to you. You’ll even discover why it’s good to be a chicken.”
— Sam Bennett, author of Get It Done