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grin and bare it

A blog by Matthew Dicks

Increase test scores with better busing

By mattyd | January 20, 2022

About 55 percent of public school students in the United States take the bus to school, and 95 percent of those buses have diesel engines. Based on analyses of the pollutant levels produced by of those…

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Pet Cemetery

By mattyd | January 19, 2022

Charlie came downstairs this morning to tell me that he dreamt that I was sad last night, so he decided to try to bring our dog, Kaleigh, back to life. “I know how much you…

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Your grandmother and vaccines

By mattyd | January 18, 2022

Amazing data on vaccines and boosters out of Alberta, Canada.   Essentially:   The hospitalization rate among people 80+ years-old who are vaccinated and boosted is lower than the hospitalization rate among people 12-29 years-old…

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The Patriots loss stung a little less for a surprising reason

By mattyd | January 17, 2022

A strange thing happened on Saturday night. I watched one of the worst performances in Patriots playoff history. The Super Bowl loss against the Bears in 1986 was the worst, for sure. I cried after…

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Best super power of all

By mattyd | January 16, 2022

My wife, Deadspin, and many others argue that teleportation is the greatest of all the super powers. It’s admittedly a fine choice. As someone who prizes every second of his day, I would love to be…

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The many memories of Almacs

By mattyd | January 15, 2022

These photos were recently posted on a Facebook page dedicated to the history of my hometown of Blackstone, Massachusetts. I was instantly transported to the past. Almacs was my childhood grocery store, located just a…

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Your most valuable assets and greatest returns on investments

By mattyd | January 14, 2022

For the last five years, I’ve been a serious investor in the stock market, making it my daily habit to read, analyze, and study industry trends, macroeconomics, financial legislation, and the earnings reports of hundreds…

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Natalie Merchant’s singular performance

By mattyd | January 13, 2022

My storytelling friend, Steve Zimmer, pointed this out to me recently: Natalie Merchant performing at TED Live 2010.   I love this performance so much.   The best part – first pointed out to me…

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I’ve been told that Ted Lasso is going to be great. I hope it’s true.

By mattyd | January 12, 2022

I’m only one episode into Ted Lasso, so excuse me if I’m way off, but after watching the first episode, my first thought was this: It’s just the 1989 film Major League, except instead of…

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Things that Kept Me Going in 2021

By mattyd | January 11, 2022

The past couple years have been hard on all of us. Recognizing the challenges of the past year – which included COVID-19 infections, a major surgery, political and social unrest, and some unbelievable tragedies, I…

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