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grin and bare it

A blog by Matthew Dicks

Following in his father’s footsteps. Kind of…

By mattyd | October 16, 2021

Big week for Charlie. Earlier in the week, he came home with his trumpet, and with just two lessons under his belt, he seems remarkably adept at playing it. His tone is good and his…

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It wasn’t a fish bone

By mattyd | October 15, 2021

Back in August, I made a list of my 18 visits to the emergency room over the course of my life, which included: 2011: Bay leaf caught in throat (ambulance) Readers asked about this item,…

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Good advice from Gary Paulsen

By mattyd | October 14, 2021

Author Gary Paulsen passed away yesterday at the age of 82. Paulsen was a young adult author best known for coming of age stories about the wilderness. He was the author of more than 200…

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John and me and my stupidity.

By mattyd | October 13, 2021

Last week I wrote a post complaining about a couple who posed for a piece on the supposed trend of solomoons or unimoons, criticizing both their yearlong honeymoon and their willingness to publicize the existence…

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Little did I know how things would turn out…

By mattyd | October 12, 2021

This photo, taken in September of 2004 at Camp Jewell in Colebrook, CT, was handed to me by a fifth grader last week. “My mom wanted you to see this,” she said. Her mom is…

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Friends are mean because they love you.

By mattyd | October 11, 2021

The podcast Smartless is hosted by actors and friends Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett. The format of the show is simple: Each week they interview a celebrity guest. Actor, writer, musician, athlete… But…

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Confidence in our marriage

By mattyd | October 10, 2021

Standing inside Ben & Jerry’s yesterday, Charlie turned to Elysha, and entirely unprompted, said, “Mom, you didn’t make a mistake marrying Dad.” Elysha looked confused. “I didn’t think I made a mistake,” she said. A…

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Speak Up Storytelling: Virtual, free, and must-see

By mattyd | October 9, 2021

Not your typical post, but slightly more important than the usual drivel… Hope to see you there! Speak Up Storytelling and Voices of Hope is excited to announce the seventh Speak Up Showcase on Sunday,…

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Some honeymoons are too long

By mattyd | October 8, 2021

I was anxious to read about the concept of the solo honeymoon – this alleged shift in nuptial vacation wherein newlyweds go on separate honeymoons, called unimoons or solomoons, rather than vacationing together following their…

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Good riddance, stupid fairy-hating Matt

By mattyd | October 7, 2021

On Saturday, Elysha, the kids, and I went to visit the annual Fairy House display at Winding Trails. Families, Girl Scout troops, and others spend months building elaborate fairy houses that are then spread out…

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