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grin and bare it

A blog by Matthew Dicks

Marathon singing with Danny

By mattyd | February 20, 2024

Another story about my friend, Danny, who recently passed away: Danny and I were camping with our Boy Scout troop on an autumn weekend. We had hiked deep into the forest off a dirt road…

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Danny gets me a job and changes my life

By mattyd | February 19, 2024

My friend, Danny, passed away recently. On Saturday, I’ll be attending his funeral. Danny and I spent thousands of hours together as teenagers, doing what teenage boys do once they get a driver’s license and…

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Birthday surprises from little-ish people

By mattyd | February 18, 2024

I celebrated my birthday three days ago, and it was quite a day, filled with lots of celebration and fun. Elysha, the kids, and I went to our favorite diner for dinner for burgers, shakes,…

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My favorite haikus

By mattyd | February 17, 2024

It’s snowing this morning. It’s that lovely brand of snow that doesn’t threaten to make travel hazardous or require any shoveling. Just a gentle, steady flurry. Picturesque and beautiful. It brings to mind one of…

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No right way

By mattyd | February 16, 2024

Career advice from author and entrepreneur Charlie Hoehn: “Just DO things. Chase after the things that interest you and make you happy. Stop acting like you have a set path because you don’t. No one…

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Birthday and a book!

By mattyd | February 15, 2024

Hello friends, Today is my birthday!  It’s an exciting day – not so much for my additional trip around the Sun – but because today I get to announce my brand new book: Stories Sell:…

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Celebrating books around the world!

By mattyd | February 13, 2024

Yesterday, my agent negotiated the Spanish rights to “Storyworthy” and the Bulgarian rights to “Someday Is Today.” “Negotiated the rights” means that these two books will be published in those two countries, and I will…

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John Paul Jones kicked ass. Why didn’t I know?

By mattyd | February 12, 2024

Why did it take me 52 years to learn that American naval hero John Paul Jones launched a successful amphibious attack on England during the Revolutionary War? His bold and decisive victory included: Leading a…

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Bumps in the road

By mattyd | February 11, 2024

My students often learn quite a bit about my life. I tell stories, of course, primarily to teach lessons and entertain them while they learn. But a great deal of my life can be found…

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Soul Man is still available on streaming

By mattyd | February 10, 2024

I learned about John Howard Griffin for the first time this week. In November 1959, in an attempt to better understand the Black American experience, journalist John Howard Griffin underwent a medical treatment to temporarily…

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