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grin and bare it

A blog by Matthew Dicks

Scientists kicking ass

By mattyd | April 20, 2021

In case you haven’t heard, NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter became the first powered vehicle to take flight on another planet when it ascended from the Martian soil yesterday. It flew for about 30 seconds before landing…

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Beautiful packaging begone!

By mattyd | April 19, 2021

I’m done with beautiful packaging. Last week, I listened to a podcast host talk about Lord Jones: “The world’s finest CBD products. You’ll get to see their products and their beautiful packaging…” Beautiful packaging? I…

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Humor should be purposeful, planned, and pointed. Not random and accidental.

By mattyd | April 18, 2021

I don’t like Mad Libs. As a kid, I remember one of my middle school teachers first introducing me to the concept. During lunch (which was eaten in our classroom), she decided to use Mad…

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The airplane handbag is stupid, but not because it looks like an airplane

By mattyd | April 17, 2021

Louis Vuitton’s latest handbag collection includes airplane-shaped bag that costs more than an actual airplane: $39,000. You can purchase a Cessna 150 for about $30,000, making this handbag more expensive the flying machine that inspired…

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A man with a camera.

By mattyd | April 16, 2021

I’ve always known that my father-in-law was a very good photographer, but I think he missed his calling.

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I didn’t know the bassoon was so cool.

By mattyd | April 15, 2021

When I was in third grade, my mother and I visited my school one evening to select my musical instrument   Music in Blackstone, Massachusetts, where I grew up, was a big deal.   Everyone…

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Early morning visitors to our home. Thank goodness.

By mattyd | April 14, 2021

Around 6:00 yesterday morning, our newly installed carbon monoxide detector began beeping. We had work done on our furnace the day before, plus we had a new carbon monoxide detector installed at the same time,…

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Less religion isn’t always a bad thing

By mattyd | April 13, 2021

The new Gallup poll, published last week, indicates that religious membership in the United States has fallen to just 47% among those surveyed — representing less than half of the adult population for the first time…

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Quidditch is stupid

By mattyd | April 12, 2021

I’m reading the Harry Potter series to Elysha and the kids. We’re enjoying it very much. One of our favourite parts of the day. See what I did there? But quidditch – the game played…

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It’s outrage. Nothing more.

By mattyd | April 11, 2021

There is a short cross street in my neighborhood that connects two infrequently traveled longer streets. It’s just a couple hundred yards long. A total of eight houses on the street in all. For the…

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