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grin and bare it

A blog by Matthew Dicks

Cat and boy

By mattyd | June 20, 2021

Early morning. The boy is under the blanket, building worlds in Minecraft. The cat is hanging out with his buddy. I continue to be astounded by how affectionate, dependent, and attached two entirely different species…

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Frustration and anonymity

By mattyd | June 19, 2021

The beauty of this particular prank, perpetrated upon me by a student in my class, was twofold: 1. I moved the mouse. I moved the mouse again. I moved the mouse again and again and…

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The Late Show is back.

By mattyd | June 18, 2021

Every morning without fail, I watch Stephen Colbert’s monologue on The Late Show. For the past 15 months, Colbert’s monologue and show has been performed from his bathtub, a home in North Carolina, and finally…

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Two worst words ever

By mattyd | June 17, 2021

Eighteen years ago, I was sitting in a car with Elysha. We had just enjoyed dinner and drinks with friends, and I had driven her back to Wolcott School, where we both taught and where…

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Swear jar court

By mattyd | June 16, 2021

While consulting with a client yesterday, Clara heard me swear. From across the house, she shouted that I owed another 25 cents in her and Charlie’s self-imposed swear jar. A little while later, I received…

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Rating the group songs

By mattyd | June 15, 2021

After working as a wedding DJ for nearly 25 years, I thought I’d offer some thoughts and opinions on those songs often played at weddings that have a dance associated with them. Here they are……

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Zombie alert

By mattyd | June 13, 2021

As I dragged the large box to the recycle bin, I wondered how and why the cats had torn a fist-sized hole in the cover. What the hell is wrong with these cats? Then I…

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Borders add nothing but waste and time and expense

By mattyd | June 12, 2021

Long ago, in some forgotten past, there was a person – probably a teacher – who looked at their bulletin board and said, “You know… if I put some borders around this bulletin board, it…

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Group descriptors

By mattyd | June 11, 2021

An unkindness of ravens, also sometimes referred to as a conspiracy of ravens A crash of rhinos A murder of crows A pride of lions A gaggle of geese All great ways of describing a…

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Describe religion as a business that is sexually harassing

By mattyd | June 10, 2021

It would be weird if a corporation forbade women from assuming leadership roles within the organization. Right? Imagine if Microsoft or McDonald’s or Home Depot prevented women from running stores or being promoted to upper…

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