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grin and bare it

A blog by Matthew Dicks

Ghosting sucks

By mattyd | September 26, 2021

Ghosting — the silent, unexplained method to ending relationships — can have negative consequences that result in internalized emotional conflict on both the person being ghosted and the ghoster, a Wesleyan study recently found. In…

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McRib is back

By mattyd | September 25, 2021

Masks are important, and I’m a big believer in original, clever, or an amusing signage, but joking about the McRib being back when it’s not actually back is not funny. Don’t play with my emotions…

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Teachers who don’t do don’t know.

By mattyd | September 24, 2021

The problem with this English teacher is they presumed to know something they do not. I don’t know a single author who would’ve responded differently to this student’s request. Also, the teacher assigned a book…

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You don’t get to have nice things.

By mattyd | September 23, 2021

Last week Howard Stern blasted unvaccinated Americans on his radio show, equating a vaccine mandate as “freedom to live.” “We have no time for idiots in this country anymore, we don’t want you,” Howard Stern…

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“Whistleblower” is probably unrealisitic

By mattyd | September 22, 2021

Two whistleblowers recently scored $114 million from the Securities and Exchange Commission, bringing the total amount paid out by the SEC whistleblower program over the past decade to over $1 billion. Since the program was…

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Ferris Bueller holds up. Except for the phones.

By mattyd | September 21, 2021

Here’s something no one tells you when you become a parent: The day will come when you can show your children classic movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for the first time, and you’ll spend…

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Shortcomings and Flaws 2021

By mattyd | September 19, 2021

Years ago a reader accused me of being materialistic after I wrote about my lack of a single favorite number, specifically criticizing me for saying that when it comes to my salary, my favorite number is…

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By mattyd | September 19, 2021

Surprise is a beautiful thing.   In storytelling, it is the most precious gift that a storyteller can offer an audience. A perfect jewel that should be protected at all costs.   This short film…

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Rhythm is hard

By mattyd | September 18, 2021

You know that you’ve failed when you misspell a word so poorly that the recommended spelling is not only a word entirely different from the one you intended but also a word you’ve never seen…

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Bowling ball

By mattyd | September 17, 2021

Stop what you’re doing and spend 150 seconds watching this. Spark a little joy in your day. My favorites are tennis and archery. What are yours? After watching, consider how relatively simple this video was…

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