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grin and bare it

A blog by Matthew Dicks

Golfing disaster made good

By mattyd | November 22, 2023

I’m playing golf with a friend. He has two birdies, a handful of pars, and one bogie through six holes. He’s a very good golfer, but this might be the best round of his life.…

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Four ways of dealing with a terrible boss

By mattyd | November 21, 2023

In his newsletter, The Daily Coach, Mike Lombardi offers four lessons for dealing with terrible bosses. He was watching Succession at the time and witnessing the rise of the character Tom Wambsgans, who turned out…

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Nerd town

By mattyd | November 20, 2023

Clara says to me, “Hey Dad, I memorized some of The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.” Then she smiles and adds, “Just for fun.” Because that is who she is.

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Like my mom doesn’t says…

By mattyd | November 19, 2023

I’m standing at a table at WBUR CitySpace, filling out a form to compete in this evening’s Moth StorySLAM. It’s quite the questionnaire. Questions about my name, the pronunciation of my name, contact information, demographic…

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Morning and afternoon moments of joy

By mattyd | November 18, 2023

I played golf yesterday afternoon with a man named John. We approached the first tee box about the same time, so he asked if I would like to join him. Honestly, I didn’t. I had…

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A mom did a great job

By mattyd | November 17, 2023

In a meeting with a mother this week during parent-teacher conferences, she told me, “I did a great job” related to an aspect of her parenting. I loved this. I love it so much, and…

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Matthew Dicks’s Theory of Trickle Down Stress

By mattyd | November 16, 2023

After years of managing restaurants and working with the leaders of small businesses, large corporations, school systems, religious institutions, healthcare organizations, nonprofits, and more, I offer you this theory of management based on my experiences…

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Docent battles

By mattyd | November 15, 2023

I chaperoned my son’s field trip to the Connecticut Science Center last week. Hundreds of kids from at least three schools migrated through the building in loud, energetic waves. I do not envy the docents…

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In search of the perfect bio

By mattyd | November 14, 2023

As someone who is asked quite often to provide a bio for an upcoming storytelling show, a literary festival, a corporate training session, a magazine piece, or, yesterday, for the “About the Author” section for…

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Great signage idea

By mattyd | November 13, 2023

Here’s my idea: Put up a sign that announces something very appealing and fantastic. An event that would excite the masses. List the date of the event as “Yesterday.” Wouldn’t that be fun?

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