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grin and bare it

A blog by Matthew Dicks


By mattyd | September 8, 2022

It’s weird that an absolutely guaranteed, never fail way of making people happy at work is to end a meeting early, yet so few leaders take advantage of this simple, instantaneously joy-producing means of bringing…

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Still growing the legend…

By mattyd | September 7, 2022

About a month ago, I wrote this: _________________________________ Scott, my golf guru, has said many wise things to me on a golf course. Swing thoughts and strategy and decision making. He has also advised me…

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“What are downs?”

By mattyd | September 6, 2022

Charlie and I are sitting in section 335 of Gillette Stadium, watching the first quarter of the preseason game against the Carolina Panthers last week. The boy loves watching football live. I can’t wait until…

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How to make your workplace better

By mattyd | September 5, 2022

On this Labor Day… I was asked at my recent book launch about making the workplace better. Someone who was stuck in a less-than-ideal job with colleagues who are less than inspired asked me what…

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Feeney kept it quiet

By mattyd | September 4, 2022

My friend, Eric Feeney, was a vegetarian for a year and a half before going back to meat. Avoiding cheeseburgers, roast beef sandwiches, and prime rib for 18 months is impressive, but here’s what’s truly…

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Big kitty love

By mattyd | September 3, 2022

Tobi sits beside me in the morning and purrs. Nothing more. He just sits on the table beside my laptop and begins to purr. He’s happy to be with me. That kind of unadulterated love…

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Why don’t they know Jesus?

By mattyd | September 2, 2022

Grace Christian School in Florida says it will only refer to students by their sex assigned at birth. Also, pupils who are gay, transgender, or gender nonconforming “will be asked to leave the school immediately.”…

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Resolution update: August 2022

By mattyd | September 1, 2022

Every month I report the progress of my yearly goals in order to monitor progress (or the lack thereof) and hold myself accountable.   The following are the result from August 2022. PERSONAL FITNESS 1.…

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How do you write every day?

By mattyd | August 31, 2022

I recently wrote that I’ve written and published a blog post every day for almost 19 years. Several readers have asked, “How is that possible?” Some wondered about logistics. Weren’t their days when you were…

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Attention to detail

By mattyd | August 30, 2022

On Sunday, I tried to make Elysha’s last day of summer vacation as lovely as possible by doing as many chores as possible for her. Before leaving for the lake, I loaded the dishwasher, added…

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