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grin and bare it

A blog by Matthew Dicks

Incrementalism may save your life… or at least prolong it.

By mattyd | May 17, 2023

Just 11 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous intensity aerobic activity per day could lower your risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, or premature death, a large new study has found and was recently published in the British Journal…

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I do housework

By mattyd | May 16, 2023

Data from Pew indicates that in heterosexual households where both husband and wife are working an equal number of hours, women are doing 3,5 more hours of housework per week compared to their male counterparts.…

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Early rising company

By mattyd | May 15, 2023

Around 6:30 AM on Mother’s Day, my sister, Kelli, sent me some photos of my mother that I had never seen before. My mother passed away in 2007, so a new photo is such a…

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Happy Mother’s Day. And don’t you dare say anything else.

By mattyd | May 14, 2023

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere. Please remember, mothers, that there’s an apostrophe in Mother’s Day, meaning it’s your day. Don’t let anyone else’s expectations interfere with your desire to do whatever the hell you…

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Party favors on the decline

By mattyd | May 13, 2023

I’m happy to report that according to data from The Knot, the number of couples giving wedding favors to their guests is down 21 percent over the past five years. Many couples are reportedly opting…

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He blew a bubble

By mattyd | May 12, 2023

My mother didn’t allow my siblings and me to chew gum as children, so I never developed any affection for gum chewing later in life. Still, for all of my life, I have tried to…

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Wise phone

By mattyd | May 11, 2023

Our daughter, Clara, will be entering high school next year. Alas, it will be time to get her a phone. Not only will she need to be able to stay in better contact with friends,…

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Hilarity works

By mattyd | May 10, 2023

Numlock News is a daily newsletter by Walt Hickey that highlights the context and importance of the numbers you read about in the news. I read it every day. Not only does it teach me…

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“To each their own”

By mattyd | May 9, 2023

While discussing our appreciation for certain books, I said to Clara, “To each his own.” Her response: “Yup. To each their own.” See what she did? She shifted the pronoun without thought, stripping the gender…

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“You’re a Monster, Matthew Dicks” – Last day for discount tickets

By mattyd | May 8, 2023

Tickets for my solo show – “You’re a Monster, Matthew Dicks” – at TheaterWorks in Hartford are going fast. I’m honored by your support. Also working hard to put together the absolute best show possible.…

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