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Worst reaction to a gift ever

Yesterday Elysha and I gave Clara several birthday presents. Books, accessories for her American Girl doll, and a canopy to create a book nook in her bedroom.

Happily, Elysha was in charge of choosing the gifts and ran the choices by me only after her selections were made.

She knows that if I was in charge of the gifts, I would buy far too many gifts.

I am a living contradiction:

I want to overwhelm my children with presents on every gift-giving opportunity but think there’s far too much stuff in our house and think a lot of it should be given away.

I’m a joy to live with.

Clara loved her gifts. She thanked us for them. Hugged and kissed us.

This was a far cry from Hanukkah 2011, when Clara had a decidedly different and hilarious (and heartbreaking) reaction to her gift.

I was recently contacted by a marketing company that wants to try to make this video go viral, and it just might, all thanks to an almost two-year old Clara and her reaction to this present.