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The constant evolution of Elysha Dicks

My wife, Elysha,  is currently learning to become a teacher of English language learners. She’s working through an intensive, year-long program that has essentially stolen away vast swaths of her weekends all year long.

It hasn’t been easy. It represents an enormous commitment on her part. She’s working like hell.

And she’s doing brilliantly. She loves the actual learning and is receiving high marks, though the workload seems rather onerous and occasionally obtuse to me.

Not her complaint. Mine.

Regardless, it’s impressive. She’s impressive. And she’s setting an outstanding example for our kids as a lifelong learner who works hard, chases what she wants, and believes that positive change is possible if you’re willing to make the commitment.

But here’s what’s equally impressive:

Last week, Elysha told me that when she’s finished with her program in June, her next goal is to learn a foreign language.

After working incredibly hard for a year, she plans to learn a second language.

I love this about my wife. Elysha doesn’t rest on any laurels. She’s never stopped learning and growing. In the past ten years, I’ve watched her become the host and emcee of our live storytelling shows, transforming from someone nervous about taking to the stage to a professional who entertains audiences, supports performers, and once introduced a United States Senator to our stage. She’s become so adept and skilled at emceeing that she has been asked by other emcees for advice and counsel.

She’s also the beloved cohost of our soon-to-relaunch Speak Up Storytelling podcast, which is listened to by tens of thousands of people every week.

She learned to play the ukulele.

She’s become a singer who both plays and sings onstage.

She’s learned to bake bagels and sourdough bread.

Things I’ve probably forgotten, too. New food, for sure, and probably some new type of knitting or sewing.

Elysha is constantly evolving. Relentlessly expanding her horizons. Pushing herself forward in new, interesting, and challenging ways. Doing things that are incredibly hard and demanding.

What she sees as normal and unremarkable is both impressive and unusual.

Our kids are incredibly lucky to see and learn from such an amazing woman every day.

So, too, am I.