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The Bern, Switzerland flag is interesting

Interesting fact about Switzerland:

It has no capital city. The seat of government is located in Bern, but in an effort to prevent any of its 26 cantons (states) from possessing too much political power, the decision was made to avoid designating an official capital city.

The federal buildings are located in Bern but could be moved to any of the other 25 cantons if so desired.

The much more interesting fact about Switzerland is that the flag of the city of Bern is quite possibly the strangest flag or iconography I’ve ever seen.

The decision to put a red penis on the bear is probably the strangest of all the design choices, but coming in a close second is the expression on the bear’s face. The angle and position of the eye make the bear look incredibly distressed.

Perhaps because its penis is being displayed on a flag.

Also, the bear’s tongue is more than four times longer than its penis. Another possible source of distress.

Why the citizens of Bern, Switzerland decided that the bear on their flag required an enormous tongue and a tiny penis is inexplicable.

Also, the city of New Bern, North Carolina, uses the same flag as Bern Switzerland, except residents in New Bern removed the penis.

The bear is still oddly distressed and in possession of a tongue as long as the bear’s entire head, but the removal of the penis is still a significant improvement.