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Ryan Reynolds and Matthew Dicks on storytelling

Actor and entrepreneur Ryan Renolds said, “Whether you’re talking about the unexpected nature of sports, low-cost wireless, gin, connected TV marketing, ad tech, those kinds of things, the connective tissue between each one of those things is actually, ironically, storytelling.. the same way it is with movies.”

I agree with him completely, but I say it like this:

“Storytelling is storytelling is storytelling.”

There is no “Storytelling for business” or “Storytelling for the stage” or “Storytelling for the page.”

It’s all simply storytelling.

The very same storytelling strategies I use to write novels, musicals, magazine columns, solo shows, and stories for the stage are the same strategies I use with my clients to develop marketing plans, design sales pitches, build pitch decks, write keynotes, compose sermons, write jokes, develop demos, devise branding strategies, and more.

Storytelling is storytelling is storytelling.

Different content. Same strategies and techniques.

I hope to someday sit down with Ryan Reynolds and discuss this topic in-depth, but I fear he might be a little too busy for me these days.

Actually, I’m pretty busy, too, but I would be more than willing to make time for him.

Hopefully, he feels the same.