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Pirate Booty follow up

Follow-up on the letter I received from customer representative Dora C. on the Pirate Booty quandary.

If you’re not aware, I wrote to the makers of Pirate Booty earlier this year asking if the name “Pirate Booty” references the pirate’s treasure or the pirate’s butt. I’d been posing this question to my students relentlessly over the years, so to silence me, we finally wrote a letter to the company asking for clarification.

The company responded a few weeks ago, telling me the booty refers to the pirate’s treasure. I mailed a copy of that letter and one of my own to my former students since I was sure they were on the edge of their seats, just waiting for a response.

A few of them sent emails to me upon receiving my letter:

Dear Mr. Dicks,

I am thoroughly disappointed about the Pirates Booty being the pirates’ treasure.
I just don’t think the company should make the shapes into tiny butts and then innocently say they’re referring to pirates’ treasure.
Your favorite student

Dear. Mr. Dicks,

Thank you for the amazing letter and the follow-up letter. I don’t agree with Hershey’s. I think that they refer to the pirate’s butt.

Your Former Student

Mr. Dicks,

This is an outrage. We must do something. We must stand up for those little pirate butts. Those butts deserve respect.

Let’s rise up.


Dear Mr. Dicks,

I told you the booty was the treasure. Will you stop asking this crazy question now? Please?

I miss you, but I don’t miss the booty stuff, you crazy man.

Is it okay if I visit you next week?


Two students are writing back to the Hershey Company to protest this outrageous decision. I’m unsure if they will receive a response, but I will be on the edge of my seat, waiting to hear.