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Handerpants for this holiday season

For the person on your holiday list who has everything, I give you handerpants:

Underwear for your hands!

Completely real.

Completely available online Right now.

A cashmere sweater or a bottle of wine make for a lovely gift, but what will be better remembered?

A sweater ultimately added to an existing pile of sweaters or a brand-new, never-before-worn, never-before-seen clothing item?

Just think:

Your loved one will need to assign an entirely new drawer in their bureau to their handerpants. They may need to clear out the socks they never wear or push aside the pajamas that never see the light of day just to make room for this incredible, novel addition to their wardrobe.

Unlike a forgotten sweater or an emptied bottle of wine, this gift will always be remembered.

Every time your friend or loved one dons their handerpants for another day at the office or another Sunday morning in the church pews, they will be thinking of (and thanking) you.

This holiday season, give the gift that will be remembered forever:


I’ll be giving handerpants to someone I care about this year.

No joke.

Will you?