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Charlie catches a humpy!

A few weeks ago, while visiting friends on Whidbey Island on the west coast, Charlie went fishing in the ocean for the first time. After fishing for about an hour without any luck, we told Charlie that he could cast a couple more times before we needed to leave.

On his second to last cast, he hooked a humpy – a humpbacked salmon – and landed it on the beach.

A big fish for a little boy and quite the fight.

It’s a fun video to watch below.

Charlie got lucky that day.

Catching the fish was lucky, especially considering no one else on the beach had caught a thing, but even luckier was everyone who came together to make it happen.

Plato Karafelis, who found a friend and golfing buddy who was also a skilled fisherman.

Walter, the fisherman who taught Charlie to fish in the ocean and provided him with the necessary equipment – a longer pole, stronger fishing line, and the right lure.

Scott and Patty, owners of the home on Bush Point, where the humpback salmon were known to be running. They offered us their prime fishing spot for the afternoon and chatted with Plato and me while Walter and Charlie fished.

It takes a village sometimes. Plato isn’t a fisherman, and though I spent my boyhood fishing, I have never been fishing in the ocean. Had it not been for the kindness of strangers, this moment would’ve never happened.

Luckily, happily, and fortunately, a handful of adults came together to create an unforgettable memory for my son.

I couldn’t be more grateful.