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Apologies can come at any time

A reminder about apologies:

They can come at any time.

If you did something rotten or thoughtless or irresponsible a week or a month or a year or three years ago, you can still apologize.

There is no statute of limitations on saying you’re sorry.

I understand that Fragile Ego Impairment and Crippling Cowardice Syndrome prevent certain people from apologizing at all, but for most of us, a late apology is better than no apology, and it’s sometimes even more appreciated.

Also, please note:

This is unrelated to any apology that someone might owe me. I was specifically thinking about how someone I love was terribly wronged in the past by someone who knew they did wrong and how an apology would still be appreciated.

I’m not passive-aggressively hunting for apologies here. Just politely reminding you that it’s never too late.