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The Parent Trap sucks

I know that many of you think The Parent Trap is a lovely film, but sometimes in life, an outside observer – detached, unemotional, and objective – is required to state the obvious:

The Parent Trap is a terrible movie.

I watched it for the first time with Elysha and Charlie, and the entire premise of the film is a train wreck.

Identical twins are separated at birth by their parents and never told that either one exists?

And these parents – these sick, twisted parents – willingly surrender all parental rights and never attempt to even see their child again because of their divorce?

“Hey, look! We made two of these things. You take one. I’ll take the other. Even-Steven!”

This is awful. It’s cruel. It’s beyond cruel. It’s heartless and disgusting.

Just imagine discovering that not only do you have an identical twin sister, hidden from you at birth, but your mother or father willingly abandoned you because he or she already had another little human who looked just like you.

I understand that if you saw this movie as a child, the subtext of this premise might have sailed over your head. As a result, you may still be trapped in the gauzy bliss of nostalgia.

But take a step back. Think objectively for a moment. It’s an ugly film, filled with hideous parental decisions and decades of intense therapy for those little girls.

It’s a ridiculous, inhumane concept.

How it’s been made twice (profitably both times) and has a profitable sequel is beyond me.

Disney also recently announced another possible remake for their Disney+ platform.

There really is no accounting for taste.