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People don’t care if you shed an obligation

Here’s something we should all remember:

The most common reaction from others when you shed an obligation is nothing.

The rituals, habits, procedures, routines, and concerns that you feel are so important in your life are often irrelevant to others.

They may read your weekly wrap-up, appreciate your office birthday list, subscribe to your newsletter, smile at the cartoon you affix to the heading of every agenda, admire the organization of your pantry, and take notice of your color-coded folder system, but if you take these things away, people rarely care.


We do most things for ourselves.

You may tell yourself that you’re doing it for others, but in truth, no one cares.

Most times, no one even notices.

So be kind to yourself. Make your life easier. Stop doing unnecessary things and replace them with joyful, productive, more meaningful things.