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Gratitude journal: Avoiding the math

Tonight I am grateful for anyone who is willing to take charge of the check when I am dining with a large group.

On Friday night, it was Melissa Klug, who convinced a less-than-enthusiastic waiter to divide the check amongst a table of twelve people, thus simplifying the after-dinner math considerably.

Last night it was New York Time bestseller author William Landay, who was kind enough to divide the check for a table of eleven people, as well as coordinate and assemble the combination of cash and credit cards for the waitress to process.

It’s people like Melissa and Bill who make life for shucking-their-responsibilities people like me much more pleasant.

And as a means of compensating for my chronic avoidance of the post-dinner calculations, I have always abided by the policy that I am willing to pay a little more than I owe if someone else is willing take charge of the bill and manage the collection of necessary funds.  

Seems fair. Right?