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Great news! I’ve accepted an offer today from Broadway, the publisher of SOMETHING MISSING, for my second book, UNEXPECTEDLY, MILO. And happily, I will be able to continue working with my editor, Melissa, even though she’s now working in another division of Random House. We just spoke over the phone and are equally enthusiastic about the road ahead.

After many machinations, things seem to have worked out just fine.

And as a result of today’s deal, my wife will be able to take another year off from teaching and stay home with our daughter, Clara. It was difficult for us to imagine sending our little girl to daycare each day, but thankfully, Elysha and I can put off all thoughts of that scenario for quite a while.

Happy day for our little family!

I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have a deal for my second book. After finishing SOMETHING MISSING, I worried that I might be little more than a one-hit wonder. A one-trick pony. An author with just one good story inside him. I like UNEXPECTEDLY, MILO a lot, at least as much as SOMETHING MISSING, and though Taryn and my friends and family also loved the story, I spent about ten months (the time it took to write the book) wondering if my publisher, or any publisher, would feel the same.

It’s rare for me to lack confidence, so the past month or so has been especially difficult for me.  Wondering, worrying,  and often assuming the worst.  But that’s all behind me now, as I look forward to a summer of editing my second book and working (and perhaps finishing) my third. 

My wife and I are off to celebrate with cheeseburgers and fries.