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Bestseller list

I’ve made the bestseller list for the first time in my career. 

No, not the Times or The Washington Post.  Not quite yet.   

The Seattle Mystery Bookshop’s list of January 2010 Bestsellers.

SOMETHING MISSING is ranked sixth on their list of trade paperbacks, which is great news considering the book has been out for six months.  It seems to still have decent traction in the bookselling world. 

And one of my European readers emailed me earlier this week to let me know that SOMETHING MISSING has also been climbing the Amazon ranks of late and recently popped up on Walmart’s website.

She apparently has a Google alert set up in my name. 

If she was living in the United States, she might qualify as a stalker, but she knows it.

Still, it’s great to have people who care enough to stalk.