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I can’t help but wonder:

Is Donald Trump Jr. and his merry band of sycophants telling Republican National Convention clown Kimberly Guilfoyle that she performed brilliantly despite the objective facts and endless ridicule?

“No, Kimberly, it was great. We just loved how you screamed into an empty room like a crazy person.”

“Yes, you’ve been mocked on every media outlet in the country, but they mock because they love you.”

“You looked like a raving lunatic, but you’re dating Donald Trump Jr. So at least your lunacy was on brand.”

I’m actually serious. I really do wonder if the people in Guilfoyle’s circle were honest about her performance.

Years ago I told a story at a Moth StorySLAM at Housing Works. I stepped off the stage, feeling great about my performance, but when my scores were announced, they were average. Nothing to write home about. I sat down beside my friend, Plato, and said, “What the hell? I thought I killed.”

His reply: “Matt, you’re a great storyteller, but tonight, you just didn’t have it.”

Later, I listened to the recording of my performance. Plato was correct. The story was a mess. It needed a lot of work. I just didn’t have it.

Honest feedback like Plato’s that night is hard to hear, but I’d take honesty over disingenuous pandering any day.

I have friends on the golf course who will watch me hit a ball and say something encouraging like, “Not bad. Your aim is good. You’re just not striking it cleanly.” Then my friend Jeff or Andrew will come up behind me and whisper, “That shot sucked.”

They are always right.

There’s nothing wrong with supporting a friend and offering words of encouragement, but the end result is the end result. You either did well or you didn’t do well. No amount of encouragement will change that.

Kimberly Guilfoyle didn’t do well at the RNC. She really, really didn’t do well. She really didn’t do well on the national stage. Here’s the craziest thing about her bizarre,  cringeworthy performance:

It wasn’t live. They recorded her speech earlier that week. Republican operatives watched her performance and thought it was ready for prime time. They could’ve re-recorded her speech but instead chose to broadcast Guilfoyle in all her maniacal splendor.


I know that Guilfoyle has raised a good deal of money for the Republicans, but someone in the Republican party apparatus must really despise her to allow that disaster to be broadcast on network television.

A little bit of honesty would’ve served Guilfoyle well. I suspect that instead of honesty, she is receiving pandering platitudes and disingenuous diatribes, and as a result, she looked like a fool.

I’d say that it’s a shame, but she was speaking in support of a racist, sexist, utterly incompetent monster who brags about sexual assault, stuffs children in cages, and lied to the American people about the coronavirus, leading to the deaths of thousands of Americans.

How could you speak in support of Trump and not look like a fool?