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Some of the entries in my recent “Write my author bio” contest were exceptionally well done but did not really qualify as true author bios in my mind.  But they were ingenious and creative, nonetheless, and could certainly be utilized in other capacities, as part of promotional material for my book tour or blurbs in advertising and on other websites.  They read like ad copy rather than an author bio, and they might just come in handy after all.  

Two of my favorite in this category were written by Tom Reed-Swale, a friend and colleague who knows me well.  I play golf frequently with Tom, work with him everyday, and he was a member of my bridal party when I was married four years ago. 

The fact that he knows me so well makes these entries, and especially the first one, quite intriguing, since it’s so oddly contradictory and yet so uncannily accurate.

Congratulations, Tom, on a job very well done. 

Matt is funny, opinionated, brash, self-deprecating, honest, thoughtful, questioning, competitive, confrontational, self-centered, trustworthy, inspirational, vindictive, and loyal. If you think he’s complicated character, just wait to you read his books.

Matthew Dicks has nearly died twice from bee stings, once in a car accident, and another time in an armed robbery at a McDonalds. With characters that are as hard to ignore as Matt is to kill, you will find that this author from Newington, Connecticut tells the kind of story that you don’t want to put down and can’t wait to read again.