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1.  Long eyelashes on a man are considered attractive. 

Who knew? 

My wife subsequently informed me that my eyelashes are an average length. 

This explains a lot.

2.  Young adult fiction that targets teenage girls requires a great deal of physical description. 

More than I can stomach.

I can’t believe that it’s 20 years after high school and I still don’t understand the mind of a teenage girl. 

3.  Dark humor in picture books does not appeal to mothers as much as it does their children.

4.  The color, length and styling of one’s hair are important considerations to the average teenage girl. 

5.  A man and a woman can read a children’s story and come away having read two entirely different stories.

6.  A skilled reader and editor can say a great deal about just 900 words of picture book text.

7.  Illustrators have more fun.