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Positive in any way possible

We need as much positivity in our lives as we can muster.

Sadly, our brains retain and overvalue negative feedback over positive feedback, so we require about six positive statements to counteract one negative statement.

That is an incredibly difficult ratio to achieve.

Added to this unfortunate biological truth are all the haters in our lives:

People who are jealous of our happiness or success.

People who feel so awful or despondent about their own lives that they attempt to bring you down in order to feel better about themselves.

The complainers. The whiners. The defeatists. The pessimists. The hyperbolic. The selfish. The self serving. The bullies.

All of these people contribute to a world filled with negativity.

In my new book, Someday Is Today, I offer lots of strategies to help counteract this negativity and produce more positive outcomes in our lives.

Here’s one that isn’t in my book but was used by a Japanese Olympic curler¬† Satsuki Fujisawa at the 2022 Winter Olympics. A photographer took a picture of her right hand, where she had written the message:

I’m a good curler.
I have confidence.
Let’s have fun!

Brilliant. Positivity available whenever she needed it.

Fujisawa went on to win the bronze medal.

Increasing positivity in your life in any way possible is a smart and essential thing if you hope to live a full and complete life and make your dreams come true. And every little bit helps.

Even a simple message written on your hand.