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Redbook recently posited the importance of men telling women why they love them in a piece entitled 50 Weird Things He Loves About You.
In the same week, The Wall Street Journal published a piece about the extraordinary efforts that parents are taking  when packing a note into their child’s lunchbox, including the use of preprinted notes:

Lunchbox Love, a line of preprinted cards from Say Please, Inc., are priced at $3.99 for a small box of 12 at Pottery Barn Kids. Messages include “You’ve become so mature,” “I love you unconditionally” and “I can’t believe how creative you are.”

I’d like to combine these two ideas and create a line of pre-printed cards that men can use to explain why they love the women in their lives.


Doesn’t that sound romantic?

Cards based upon some of my past relationships might include:

I love the way you expect me to understand the source of your anger based upon the quality of your silence.

I love the way your feelings about your outfit dictate your overall mood. 

I love your random and seemingly innocuous use of turn signals when driving.

I love the way you can sometimes encourage me to do something and sometimes express your disapproval for the same thing using the exact same words.

I love your appreciation for spontaneity as long as you have plenty of time to dress appropriately for the occasion.

I love how you so readily embrace martyrdom for the smallest of problems.

My pre-printed card for my wife would read:

I love you because you somehow inexplicably love me for exactly who I am.