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This week Living Social alerted me to the convention taking place this weekend in Hartford, Connecticut.

As far as I can tell, this is a convention dedicated to mothers. There will be a “motherhood panel of amazing moms,” a “fun image workshop,” a Spa Power Hour and a eco-friendly gift bags filled with samples and goodies.

I thought about the possibility of a similar convention for fathers and then remembered that I DON’T KNOW ANY MEN WHO WOULD BE STUPID ENOUGH TO ATTEND SUCH A RIDICULOUS, UNNECESSARY, SELF-AGGRANDIZING AFFAIR.

Not one.

To be honest, I have yet to find a woman who thinks this is a good idea either. Female responses to this convention have ranged from “absurd” to “embarrassing for all of womankind” to “downright creepy.”

And as you can see from the Living Social image, only 30 people took advantage of the 67% savings.

Not a lot for a deal that offered $5 admission.

All this has left me wondering if we have reached the point where attending motherhood panels and image workshops are the best ways of spending a Saturday afternoon.

I realize that there are women who seem to believe that motherhood equates to martyrdom and who barter for free time from the kids with their spouse as if they are negotiating nuclear disarmament, and I am sure that there are fathers who feel and act the same way.

But are there really enough of them to fill a convention hall for a weekend?

I nearly purchased the Living Social deal on Monday, just to be able to pop in and witness this spectacle for myself. And since I am home alone this weekend with my daughter while my wife is in New York, Clara and I may still drive down to the convention center to take a peak if we find ourselves in need of something to do.

My disgust for this event is only matched by my curiosity over it.

Maybe I can get a blog post or even a short story out of the adventure.