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Regular readers of this blog may be aware my list of 2011 New Year’s resolutions.
Resolution #14 reads:

Participate in The Moth as a storyteller, at a live show or on their radio broadcast.

More than a New Year’s resolution, this has been a dream for me for past three years, and yesterday I got one step closer to that dream when The Moth decided to post my recent story pitch online for voting. If I receive enough votes, I will have the opportunity to tell my story onstage or for The Moth’s national radio hour.

The Moth is a New York City based live storytelling organization which has recently expanded to several cities throughout the United States. In addition to their live shows Moth stories are available on CDs and through their free, weekly podcast. They are also frequently featured on radio shows and podcasts like This American Life and RadioLab.

The opportunity to tell a story for The Moth is a big deal to me. So if you have a moment, please click over to The Moth’s website and vote for my story (if you think it worthy) by clicking on the stars beside the story itself.  Rating my story pitch will also register one vote for me.

My story is currently on the top of the first page, but as other story pitches are accepted, it will slowly climb down the list.

The story’s title is The Day I Died Was The Worst Day In My Mother’s Life.

Thanks so very much for your support.