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Vaccines are not political

In case you mistook the choice to be vaccinated as a political issue, please take note:

The following people have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19:

  1. Donald Trump and every other living U.S. President
  2. All 50 state governors – Republican and Democratic alike
  3. Nearly 100% of the United States Congress
  4. The current Surgeon General and every other living Surgeon General
  5. Every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  6. Every member of the Supreme Court
  7. 98% of American physicians
  8. 92% of American nurses
  9. More than 95% of the US military

Who’s not vaccinated?

99.2% of all people currently dying of Covid-19

The decision not to get vaccinated is not a political one. Democrats and Republicans throughout our government, our armed forces, and the healthcare system have already been fully vaccinated. The people who we have chosen to represent, lead, and protect our country have chosen to get the vaccine, and nearly all of them have urged Americans to follow suit.

When it comes to politics on both the federal and state level, COVID-19 vaccination represents the greatest bipartisan unity since 9/11. Nearly every American leader of consequence in both political parties has gotten vaccinated and is urging their fellow Americans to do the same.

Even the major news networks – from liberal leaning MSNBC to ultra conservative Newsmax – require employees to be vaccinated.

This is not a Democrat vs. Republican issue.

This is not a liberal vs. conservative issue.

I understand that some may think it’s political because because 92% of Democrats have been vaccinated, while only 61% of Republicans have done so, but when nearly every leader of your chosen political party has been vaccinated and is urging you to do the same, your refusal to get vaccinated has a lot less to do with your political affiliation.

Instead, the decision to get vaccinated is simply a divide between the well informed vs. the tragically misinformed.

The selfless vs. the selfish.

The patriotic vs. the proud.

The smart vs. the stupid.

Nothing more.