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Is anyone really surprised that Donald Trump is trying to force himself on us even after we said no?

Is anyone surprised that during this weekend’s G-20 summit, Trump spent the bulk of his time rage tweeting about the election rather than listening and speaking about the matters at hand?

Is anyone surprised that when world leaders returned from a break to address pandemic response measures, Trump left to play golf?

Is anyone surprised that all eight United States Senators who have tested positive for the coronavirus are Republicans?

Is anyone surprised that 18 of the 24 members of the House of Representatives who have tested positive for coronavirus are Republicans?

Is anyone surprised that Trump, his wife, two of his sons, his son’s girlfriend, more than 50 White House staffers, and dozens of Secret Service agents have all tested positive for coronavirus?

Is anyone surprised that 17 of the 20 states with the highest rates of COVID-19 infection voted for Donald Trump?

Is anyone surprised that the United States has the highest COVID-19 death rate in the developed world? More infection than anywhere else on the planet? Is anyone surprised that Americans account for 4% of world population but nearly 25 percent of COVID -19 infection.

Is anyone surprised that despite claims made by Trump and many Republican lawmakers that after the election, the media will stop covering the pandemic, the media has only instead increased its coverage of the pandemic as the number of infected and dying Americans have soared? As hospitals reach their capacity and the National Guard has been called upon in two states to build temporary morgues.

Sadly, I think some would be surprised.

Head-in the-sand Trump supporters would be surprised. Also the rationalizers. The conspiracy theorists. The willingly and inadvertently misinformed. The uninformed.

Many Americans would sadly be surprised to know the real truth of the pandemic.

Despite their ignorance, and despite the deliberate lies and criminal disinformation being spewed by truly evil men and women who know the truth but attempt to mislead the American public for financial and political gain, these are cold, hard facts.

Unavoidable and irrefutable.

Well, except for maybe the first one. It’s true, but not it’s exactly fact based like the rest. I just thought that was funny.

January 20, 2021 cannot come soon enough.