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Bowling ball

Stop what you’re doing and spend 150 seconds watching this. Spark a little joy in your day.

My favorites are tennis and archery. What are yours?

After watching, consider how relatively simple this video was to make.

Not the idea, of course. The idea is ingenious. The ability to push ahead and actually make the thing took determination and organization and probably a little relentlessness, too. Things don’t get made in this world without someone willing to force them into existence.

But the technical know-how and equipment required?

Almost anyone with a phone that records video could make something just as good.

And the ability to publish the video online for the world to see?

Entirely frictionless.

It has become exceedingly simple to make many things and share them with the world. Not everything, of course, but a hell of a lot more things are accessible to creators today than when I was a kid.

Had I wanted to made something like this even 20 years ago, I would’ve needed thousands of dollars in camera equipment, film, and the rental of an editing bay, plus the technical know-how to operate all of this equipment. Even then, when finally finished, there would’ve been no way for me to share my short film with the world.

With more computing power in your pocket than the astronauts had on the Apollo missions to the Moon, it would be a shame to waste it if you have a good idea.

That’s all you really need:

A good idea and the desire to bring it to fruition.

So if you have one… get to work.