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Rhythm is hard

You know that you’ve failed when you misspell a word so poorly that the recommended spelling is not only a word entirely different from the one you intended but also a word you’ve never seen before.

I wanted to write the word “rhythm.” Instead, I was offered this:

Pythiums: A destructive, root-parasitic fungi.

So I tried again, adding the letter H to my otherwise butchered spelling of the word. Once again, I was offered a word I didn’t know:

Rhenium: A rare silvery-white metal which occurs in trace amounts in ores of molybdenum and other metals.

When I told Elysha, who was sitting across from me, what had happened, she consoled me by saying that “rhythm” was a hard word to spell.

I agree wholeheartedly, but I couldn’t tell if she really believed it or was just trying to make her dumb husband feel better.

For the record, the word “accommodate” is also very challenging for me. When I click on that word for a spelling suggestion, I’m often offered nothing as an alternative, which tells you how far I’m off from the correct spelling.

It’s hard to be a writer.