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My friend, Shep, found a new word and sent it to me via email under the subject line, “Thinking of you.”

The word:




1. Left-handedness.
2. Skillfulness in the use of the left hand.
3. Awkwardness or clumsiness.
4. Evilness, unluckiness, etc.

Kind of remarkable that all four definitions of the word nearly fit me like a glove.

It’s nice to know that your friends know you so well.

Two years ago, on the way to Shep’s house for a football game, I witnessed a violent motorcycle accident. When I arrived at his home and told him about the accident, his first response was, “Well, that’s going to trigger your PTSD for sure.”

He was right.

Even better, he knew.

You need friends like this in your life. People who know you nearly as well as you know yourself.