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Your grandmother and vaccines

Amazing data on vaccines and boosters out of Alberta, Canada.
The hospitalization rate among people 80+ years-old who are vaccinated and boosted is lower than the hospitalization rate among people 12-29 years-old who are unvaccinated. 
In other words:
A fully vaccinated grandmother is less likely to end up hospitalized with COVID-19 than her unvaccinated, ignorant, selfish grandchild.
If only data actually meant something to those who believe that the vaccines contain microchips or make you magnetic or somehow alter your DNA.
Or those who believe that they are so big and strong and healthy that the coronavirus can’t harm them.
Or those who are still “doing the research.”
Or those still clinging to their freedom while simultaneously vaccinated against a dozen other diseases.
Science is a damn miracle.
Hospitals are swamped with unvaccinated COVID-19 patients.
Our healthcare workers deserve better.
Get the damn shot.