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Yesterday I wrote about a compliment that a veterinarian paid to me. I added it to a list of compliments that I have on my blog.

I was hesitant to write about the compliment. I waited a long time before deciding to do so. Using your blog to record your own praise is an easy way to make the Internet hate you, and it is the antithesis of my storytelling philosophy, which is to tell the stories that you would least want to tell.

But I wrote about it and posted it anyway, for reasons that I explain in the post, and then I held my breath, waiting for the slings and arrows of readers.

A large number of readers actually responded to the post. I heard from at least three readers who are experiencing or have experienced similar struggles with their pets and expressed appreciation for what I wrote. 

Many more people responded favorably to the idea of maintaining a list of favorite compliments that you can turn to in times of need. They sent me emails, shared the post on Facebook, tweeted it, and generally promoted the hell out of the idea.

I didn’t receive a single negative comment. I couldn’t believe it. 

Here’s the lesson I take from this:

Fortune favors the bold. You cannot allow concerns over the possible reaction of Internet trolls to determine your content. Write the stuff that feels right, and if it doesn’t go well, try again tomorrow. 

I lot of people took a lot of good from yesterday’s post. I’m thrilled. And it never would’ve happened had I been cautious or afraid.