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I often make fun of my friend, Shep, for spending more time speaking and texting his ex-wife while we are attending Patriots games than I spend talking or texting my wife for the whole time that I am away.
He will claim that the communication is always daughter related, but it’s not true. Yes, they are coordinating and consulting on childcare issues, but many times they are just talking about the game or other less pertinent issues.

It’s nice that they have remained friends, but it’s still great fodder for teasing.

Last week he invited me to his daughter’s birthday party at the home of his ex-in-laws, and it’s not uncommon for him to spend time with this ex-wife’s family even when his ex-wife is not around.

Again, it’s nice, but it’s also great fodder.

Then I got thinking:

I once officiated the wedding of my ex-wife’s ex-husband, her first husband, and his new bride, and then I served as the DJ at their reception.

And though I have no contact with my ex-wife, I am Facebook friends with my former sister-in-law and her children, and they have attended more than one of my book signings.

So I guess I shouldn’t throw stones from my glass house.

But I will.  Shep’s fodder is more timely.

But it is indeed a brave new world.