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On Sunday, our family spent some time in the presence of the Wienermobile, an enormous hot dog on wheels used to promote Oscar Meyer products.

Our friend, Robin, once drove the Wienermobile, so we have heard many amusing stories about it.

We also spent some time in the presence of the Nutmobile, an enormous peanut on wheels used to promote Planters products, which happened to be parked alongside the Wienermobile.

Two food products on wheels for the price of one.

Clara and Charlie also donned the giant catsup and hot dog costumes for photos (avoiding the mustard in solidarity over my allergy to mustard seed).

The Wienermobile and the Nutmobile were parked in front of Conny, the life-sized sperm whale that sits on the front lawn of West Hartford’s Children’s Museum. Charlie and Clara also spent time inside the belly of the beast, and Charlie climbed into the creature’s mouth for photos.

A giant hot dog and a giant peanut on wheels. A life sized sperm whale.

I oftentimes step back in moments like this and think, “No fair. I never had it this good when I was a kid.”

Also, the world must seem utterly bizarre at times to small toddlers.