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The worst!

The strangest thing about micromanagers, I think, is that they almost never know that they are micromanagers and can never see the damage they cause on a daily basis.

This image captures this perfectly.

These supposed leaders spend their days stripping grown-ass adults of the most basic decision-making, imposing their will on the least important parts of an organization, and making the people around them deeply unhappy, yet they can’t seem to see the error of their ways.

These dummies work harder than necessary, but the result of their efforts is far worse than if they had simply stepped aside, taken a nap, and allowed others to do their job.

They are awful, deleterious, uninspiring leaders, but for some reason, they can’t see past their inane, obsessive need for control to find a better way.

They actually think they are doing the right thing.

I really don’t get it.