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Psychological safety: A must know

I had the honor and pleasure of consulting with Trevor Ragan on this video, which I think should be watched by every teacher, manager, executive, and anyone else responsible for the supervision and well-being of another person.

It’s everything I believe.

It’s the reason I’ve found success in the classroom as an elementary school teacher. It’s the reason I was able to manage restaurants profitably at a very young age. And it’s at least in part why I’m able to work today as an in-demand consultant and coach in the business world.

I am not and was never especially gifted at any of these particular endeavors, but I understand, nurture, and relentlessly promote psychological safety. I didn’t know this belief system had a name, and I don’t know nearly enough about it before learning about Amy Edmondson and studying her research, but it has always been fundamental to how I teach and lead people.

I haven’t been using it consistently or nearly well enough, and I still have so much to learn, but had you asked me about my philosophy of teaching and management (because the two are inextricably intertwined), my response would’ve sounded a hell of a lot like psychological safety.

f you’re teaching or leading people – little or big, young or old – you should watch and learn, too.