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The third Nolan brother

You’ve probably heard of Christopher Nolan. Acclaimed writer and director of films like Memento, Interstellar, Inception, and the three Dark Knight films.

You may know that Christopher Nolan has a brother named Jonathan who is a writer too. Jonathan Nolan has co-written the films Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight Rises, and Interstellar, and he is the creator of HBO’s Westworld.

But did you know that Jonathan and Christopher have an older brother? Unlike his filmmaking brothers, Matthew has chosen a slightly different path in life.

Matthew Nolan is allegedly an assassin, hired to retrieve a considerable sum of money on behalf of a less-than-reputable client, and in the process, allegedly killed his victim.

Then, in 2010, while awaiting extradition to Costa Rica for trial, he also attempted to escape prison. During an inspection of his cell, guards discovered a 31 foot long rope made up of bed sheets, as well as a harness, razor, and clip designed to unlock handcuffs.

So not exactly filmmaking.

The United States ultimately refused to extradite Matthew Nolan to Costa Rica for the murder trial, citing insufficient evidence, so while the Costa Ricans still very much consider this an active case and want Matthew Nolan to stand trial, he remains a free man today after having served 16 months for the escape attempt.

He’s free from prison, at least.

Perhaps not quite so free from the unavoidable comparisons to his two world famous filmmaking brothers. Must make for an interesting Thanksgiving Day meal.

The thing I wonder about most are the parents of the Nolan brothers.

Two of their sons have left an indelible mark on this world and the history of cinema. They are highly respected, award winning, and exceedingly wealthy. Both are married to women who collaborate with them on filmmaking. They have ascended to the pinnacle of Hollywood’s most elite filmmakers.

Their parents must be so proud.

Their third son is an alleged contract killer who is wanted for murder in another country and has attempted to escape prison.

As a parent, are you thinking that two enormously successful sons make up for the alleged murderer in the family?

Do they credit themselves for some of Christoper and Jonathan’s success?

Do they blame themselves for Matthew’s seemingly troubled past?

How does a parent feel when some of their children succeed in life while others stumble? Are parents able to disentangle themselves from the fates of their children, or will they always feel some ownership over the paths that their children choose?

How do you square that circle?

Elysha and I don’t need Clara and Charlie to become world famous in their chosen professions, but neither one had better become contract killers if they know what’s good for them.

I don’t need that level of stress in my life, and I know Elysha needs it even less.