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My daughter, Clara, was on fire last night.

After Elysha mentioned that one of her students is having trouble accepting that one person might get something while another might not, Clara said, with all sincerity, “I think she would really like Communism.”

Clara began studying Communism in social studies this week. I was thrilled to see her integrating her learning into dinnertime discussion.

Also, it was hilarious.

Clara also said that while reading my blog earlier in the day, she encountered a photo of me “from the past” wearing an “I’m Stupid” shirt.

I was confused. I’ve never owned a shirt like that.

A moment later, Elysha figured it out. Clara had landed on my post about the television show Schitt’s Creek and was confusing me with actor Daniel Levy.

Turns out I don’t mind being confused for Daniel Levy one bit.

I’m sure Daniel Levy feels the same when he is undoubtedly confused for me.