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Just for the record, The Avengers’ Natasha Romanoff, AKA Black Widow, gets screwed in Avenger’s Endgame.

This has been bothering me for quite a while.

First off, please note that Romanoff is the only Avenger who doesn’t have any super powers or technology assisting her. Heroes like Thor, Captain America, and Hulk have actual super powers, and Avengers like Iron Man and Black Panther use technology to bestow upon them their super powers.

One might argue that Hawkeye has neither of these things, but he at least has arrows in his quiver that do any number of things. They explode in various ways, serve as grappling hooks, and more.

It’s not much, but exploding arrows certainly help.

Romanoff is a human being who knows how to fight. That’s it. She carries no special weapon. She stands alongside heroes like Hulk and Captain America and holds her own.

For that alone, she should be recognized.

Then she dies in Avengers Endgame, willingly sacrificing her life so that the Avengers can obtain the stones required to restore the world. A couple of  hours after her death, Hulk snaps back the half of the universe that Thanos had dusted.

Seconds later, Thanos attacks. Within the hour, he is finally defeated, and Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, is dead.

So Tony gets a funeral. Every super hero attends, as well as anyone super hero adjacent.

Spiderman’s mother attends. Hawkeye’s entire family attends. The kid from Iron Man 3 who helped Tony repair his suit is there. Nick Fury and his assistant, Maria Hill, get invited. It’s a big deal. Nearly the conclusion of the film and the decade long journey through 22 Marvel films.

But Natasha Romanoff?

The woman who died hours before Tony Stark? The Avenger who like Stark knowingly gave up her life so the world could be restored?

Nothing. No funeral. No reminder of her sacrifice.

If you kill the villain, the world loves and remembers you.

If you die just hours before on some alien planet so that one of your teammates can kill the villain, you are forgotten.

Still makes me mad.