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Malaria vaccine will change the world forever

Amazing news out of the University of Oxford:

A malaria vaccine trial on 409 children was found to have an 80 percent rate of protection.

Malaria kills 409,000 people a year — mostly babies — so this is historically, astoundingly, profoundly good news.

Not only is the vaccine inexpensive, but the team behind it has a manufacturing deal already done to produce over 100 million doses a year.

The results of a larger trial with 4,800 children are due at the end of the year.

I know some dummies won’t take the vaccine because of ridiculous conspiracy theories or fear that the vaccine will damage their fragile, masculine egos, but for millions of people, especially children, this will be a literal lifesaver.

In a world where catastrophizing everything seems quite popular these days, I like to ensure that the good news is not missed.