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Charlie is here to remind us that dancing is 98% attitude and 2% skill.

Just own it. Even without any music playing, just own it.

I once saw a man dance to Van Morrison’s “Bright Side of the Road” at a wedding with so much joy that it made my heart sing. It still makes my heart sing, a decade or two later, just thinking about it. As a wedding DJ, I have spent the past 24 years watching people dance, but that man, dancing to that song on that night, stands above all of them.

He wasn’t a good dancer. He was a joyous dancer. The most joyous dancer I’ve ever seen.

I’ll never forget it.

I’ve been making a similar argument about certain forms of public speaking. If you’re trying to be funny, if you’re supposed to be the expert in the room, or if you’re trying to change minds, win an argument, or teach a lesson, confidence is a supremely powerful quality that can make all the difference.

It can transform average content into excellent content. It can cover up mistakes, make amusing things genuinely hilarious, and even inspire an audience regardless of the quality of the ideas.

I was going to refer to it as a magic elixir, but confidence can’t be acquired that easily. It cannot be offered via draught, and sadly, it can’t be taught. It must be earned through doing hard, scary things and succeeding again and again.

Even then, it can be elusive for many.

But dancing joyously? Dancing like no one is watching, even when they are watching?

I think we can all do that. And it will absolutely make you feel great.