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First words spoken by my daughter at 6:14 this morning:

“Daddy, when I have a baby someday, I’m going to make sure that I have plenty of diapers in the house. And you know what? I’m going to buy Pampers. You know why? Pampers are the number one choice of hospitals.”

Three thoughts:

  1. Who wakes up thinking about the diapers she will need for a baby that had better be at least two decades away from existing?
  2. I’m not opposed to her future use of Pampers (she wore Pampers when she was a baby), but damn, advertising is powerful. She’s seven years-old, and Pampers already has its claws in her.  
  3. If Pampers is looking for a surprisingly articulate, exceedingly cute, shockingly loyal spokesperson, I have just the right person for them.