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Dishonoring the dead with stupidity

From Fox News:

Is Obama Chewing Gum at Joplin Memorial Service?

Earlier today President Obama spoke at a memorial service in Joplin, MO honoring those who lost their lives to the destructive tornado that stuck the region last week. Seen at the last seconds of this video clip it appears as though President Obama was chewing gum. What do you think?


I try to avoid politics here, but I can’t imagine even the most ardent Fox News supporters getting behind a story like this. 

And so, in answer to the question that Fox News posed: 

I think that at a time of great tragedy, the last thing that a news organization should be doing is reporting on a non-story that is clearly designed to undermine the credibility of the President in a way that would only be meaningful to the most base, derisive and fanatical elements of our citizenry. 

I can accept Fox News’s Fair and Balanced slogan as cleverly ironic (whether it’s meant to be or not), and I can even accept a news organization so slanted to one direction that they need to nail the news desk down to the floor lest it slide across the set.

Fox News - Fair & Balanced

Fox News is entirely within their rights to promote any agenda that they so choose, and while I do not believe them to be fair and balanced, they are free to do as they please.   

besides, without Fox News, what would Jon Stewart do?  Or The Onion?

But it’s impossible  for me to accept any news organization that attempts to politicize a memorial service for dead Americans by attempting to make such an inane and meaningless observation regarding the President.

Was he chewing gum?  Perhaps. 

Does it matter?  Of course not.

This is not a story, Fox News.  It is a pandering, pointless and ill-timed attempt at character assassination, and you should know better.

Particularly at a time like this.