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I can’t stand it when the final step in a series of instructions is something like “Enjoy” or “Have fun!”

It belittles the rest of the list.

It undermines the importance of the previous instructions.

It implies that the reader of the list is incapable of the most basic form of deductive reasoning.

It wastes time, energy and precious natural resources.

It represents a level of cheeriness and exultation of spirit that I simply cannot abide by.

It must be stopped.

Here is my proposal:

Every time you see a sign that advises you to “Enjoy!” or “Have fun!” or something similar, cross out that final step in an act of protest. Draw a line through this nonsense in hopes that it will send a clear message to future list makers and direction writers.

This kind of thing will no longer be tolerated.

This is my plan. Are you with me?