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What is our next Ellis Island?

While visiting Ellis Island earlier this week, I couldn’t help but wonder:

What will be our future Ellis Island?

What building or institution is functioning and necessary today but will someday be historically relevant but no longer needed or in use?

Elysha’s instantaneous answer:

The Supreme Court

I certainly see her point. Confidence in the Supreme Court is at a historic low, and recent cracks in the system, including the Republican shell game that stole a Court appointment from President Obama, the leaked ruling on abortion rights, and Clarence Thomas’s failure to recuse himself from a case that his insurrectionist, and conspiracy mongering spouse probably played a role have all weakened the Court considerably.

Still, I hope she’s incorrect. If the Supreme Court no longer exists, that means that the Constitution has ceased to remain viable, too.

So if not The Supreme Court, then what? What will be our next Ellis Island?