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Here’s a stupid and ridiculous thought:

Last night’s Oscar winners featured a large number of Asian actors and actresses, including:

  • Actor in a Supporting Role Ke Huy Quan
  • Actress in a Leading Role Michelle Yeoh
  • Best Director Daniel Kwan (alongside Daniel Scheinert)
  • Best Picture (producers Daniel Kwan and Jonathan Wang alongside Daniel Scheinert)
  • Best Original Screenplay Daniel Kwan (alongside Daniel Scheinert)

In addition, the Oscar for Best Song went to “Naatu Naatu” from the Indian film RRR.

Here’s my stupid and ridiculous thought:

Do you think the collective cesspool of white supremacists was angry that so many non-white actors and actresses were winners?

I really hope so.

I hope they were angry in the same way they were angry about the election of a black President and a multiracial Vice President. I hope they were angry in the same way they turn on the television and watch the world becoming less white and more diverse by the day.

A symbol of their inevitable, inexorable decline.

The German word for this is schadenfreude:

Pleasure in the misfortune of others

It’s not always the best or kindest way of thinking or feeling, but in this particular situation, I think it’s more than fine.