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I spent last night trapped in a dream where Kit Kat flavored soda was a thing. For what felt like hours, I tried to convince the Kit Kat company, it’s bottlers, and it’s distributers that this was a terrible idea.

“Please,” I pleaded to a boardroom of disinterested executives. “For the sake of humanity, don’t do this. What will future generations think of us if Kit Kat flavored soda becomes a reality?”

I was quite impassioned.

Alas, I failed in my mission. Kit Kat soda, sold in bottles, cans, and juice boxes, hit store shelves in time for Halloween, thankfully rousing me from my nightmare and finally bringing an end to the insanity.

This is all to say that when 2020 starts to feel overwhelming, take solace in the fact that at least Kit Kat flavored soda doesn’t exist.

Except you can’t.

Looking for an image to attach to this post, I Googled “Kit Kit soda” and discovered that it’s real.

Kit Kat flavored soda. Available only in Japan, but still…

You know what this means. Right?

I’m prophetic. A seer. The Nostradamus of our time. Except instead of seeing the future in my dreams, I see the present. I see things that currently exist that I didn’t know exist.

I’m kind of like the Wikipedia of dreaming.

When 2020 begins to feel overwhelming, perhaps you can solace in my admittedly marginal, somewhat questionable super power instead.