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Since when did sweet potatoes become a dessert item rather than a vegetable?

It seems as if one cannot make sweet potatoes anymore without topping them off with a one-inch layer of marshmallows and brown sugar.

Isn’t the only vegetable named for its sweetness already sweet enough?

And am I actually expected to look upon a casserole like this and not think dessert?

Instead of sweetening something that already is sweet enough, why not add sugar and marshmallows to a vegetable that could use a little sweetness?

Like carrots. Or onions. Or broccoli (though admittedly there’s no helping broccoli).

This sweet potato madness is akin to the people who add chocolate chips and whip cream to pancakes and still consider them a breakfast item. Just because the pancake is a traditional breakfast food doesn’t mean you can add the contents of an ice cream sundae to it and still consider it a breakfast alternative.

Add chocolate chips and whip cream to pancakes and you’re now eating dessert.

What’s next?

Sugar-encrusted chicken wings?

Chili and Skittles?

Splenda-infused pork chops?

Actually, the sugar-encrusted chicken wings sound pretty good.

And a lot better than sweet potatoes.