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A surprisingly large piece about me and the book appeared in the New London Day on Sunday. There was a photo of my book on the front page of the paper and a reference to the story, which was a full page spread on the front page of the Daybreak section.
Reading an article about yourself is a little surreal. You speak to someone for an hour or two and then wait to see what the person found interesting.  It also provides some insight into your own character, as seen through the eyes of another, significantly less biased individual.

For example, in this particular article, I refer to myself as stupid and an idiot.

I’m an excellent self-promoter. Don’t you think?

I’d like to think that these self-referential put-downs signal a lack of pretension and a willingness to be self-deprecating and honest, but perhaps it just means that I was correct in my assessment of my mental faculties.

I’m probably just an idiot.

The writer is kind enough to assert that I have a “self-critical” disposition.  This is probably true, but it doesn’t mean that I am any less of an idiot at times.

Oh, it’s also interesting to note that the S was left off my name once in the article, a depressingly common occurrence in my life.

Does this happen to everyone whose name ends with S?

Or perhaps only those in which the S appears to make a word plural?

Probably only when Dicks can become Dick. Right?

Like my name wasn’t tough enough to start.