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Small, beautiful benefit

There are many remarkable benefits to being a teacher. Too many to count.

There are also some annoying aspects of teaching, too, of course, but they tend to be created by administrators who no longer work in schools but presume to know something about how children learn, how teachers teach, and how a school operates.

But even those administrators aren’t all bad.

The good ones ask lots of questions, listen carefully, and respond to those who know best. They never allow ego to interfere with the needs of children.

The bad ones make enormous assumptions, refuse to listen, and surround themselves with sycophants. They typically operate from a place of fear and uncertainty.

Happily, the benefits of teaching far outweigh the annoyances created by others.

Like this small but lovely one:

The view outside my classroom window for the last 21 years.

Honestly, the photo doesn’t nearly do it justice.