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“Dads, I have a New Year’s resolution for you.

It’s no secret that the pandemic has left many moms feeling stressed, besieged and utterly on their own. In surveys, moms say this is because they’ve been left to handle most of the burden and logistics of caring for and educating out-of-school kids — even when working full time themselves.
Dads, next year, you should do your fair share of the child care, domestic work and emotional labor in your homes.”
I had two immediate reactions to this piece:
  • Shut the hell up, Kara. I do plenty of that stuff in my home. I do almost all of the laundry. Everything involving the trash and recycling. I wash most of the dishes. Empty the dishwasher every day. Sweep and mop the floors. Make breakfast everyday and dinner about half of the time. Feed the cats. Shovel the snow. Read to Charlie before bed.

    You can go to hell, Kara. I do plenty. How dare you suggest otherwise.

But also:
  • I must be killing it. It sounds like most husbands suck. Thanks, Kara, for pointing out how awesome I am. I hope Elysha reads about how sucky all these husbands are and realizes how lucky she is.

    But she probably knows already. Probably brags about me constantly. Swoons when talking about me to her friends. Maybe even strangers.

It’s odd to read something and find yourself feeling both outraged and grateful simultaneously.